Is Legit {May 2021} Easy and Quick Review!

Is Legit {May 2021} Easy and Quick Review! >> This retail website is selling a vast range of products at attractive prices. But do check the above blog before jumping straight to the website.

If you are wondering whether to buy from, you didn’t find anything about this website online. Then, let us assure you of the comprehensive answer here.

 Luxsky might not be trending in the United States, but it is advertising to have some footfall on its website. After going through this blog, we assure you of a holistic answer to your question, Is Legit

Is com Legit?

We know you are worried about spending your dollars on this website. Let us clear your doubts.

  • Domain Age- The website has been created 2021-05-10. It means the website is in operation for less than two weeks only.
  • Trust Score of Website- The website trust score is 2 per cent of the category “Very Bad Trust Score”.
  • Absence of Physical Address-The portal has no physical address available. So, it has an issue of legitimacy.
  • Data Security- The portal has been padlocked with HTTPS. This ensures that your data is encrypted.
  • Absence of Social Media Links- No such attachments available. In fact, social media attachments have become the gold standard of a legit portal.

After going through the above Review, it is pretty clear that the website has trust and legitimacy issues. So, being a sensible buyer, take the decision based on the above analysis.

What Is com? is an online e-commerce portal selling goods of daily needs, fashion products, dresses, shoes, and even electronic gadgets. This website is functioning in the United States.

Specification of com

We know you want more clarification on your question. Have a look below-

  • Type of Portal– An online e-commerce portal, goods of daily needs, and even gadgets.
  • Address- while looking for Is Legit we found no such information available
  • Website–
  • Email Address
  • Contact Detail– +1 276-565-8694
  • Sort by Category– Not available 
  • Product Price– given in dollar denomination
  • Shipping– standard charge applied.
  • Change in Address after order– 
  • Exchange Policy- available to most of the goods ordered.
  • Return and Replacement Policy– within 30 days of order placement
  • Payment Options- accepts all the standard payment options.
  • User-friendly– satisfies this condition.


We found that there is not much advantage of buying from this shopping portal. Your question Is Legit? needs more clarification. Here are a few pros-

  • All over world delivery. 
  • Discount on most of the products.
  • A range of products for each section. 
  • It makes it easy to pinpoint your loved goods by sorting them based on price from low to high and vice-versa, and even sorting the products alphabetically.


 The cons of com, which outnumber the pros, are as follow-

Firstly, no physical address available, so there is a trust issue on this portal. We know you have got more clarity on, ‘Is Legit?’ But there is more on the way.

  • Secondly, primarily non-branded goods are sold.
  • Thirdly, selling goods keeping mostly the US customers in mind.
  • Fourthly, most goods are overpriced, especially for non-US$ country.
  • Finally, and most importantly, the website is very new with expertise in goods delivery and customer management. Reviews

As the website is very young with no social media attachment, not much has been said. Also, people are pretty unaware of this shopping portal. But do wait for our final observation and be confident of your decision.

 Final Verdict

After going through the above analysis, you must have made up your mind not to engage with this website as of now. We also recommend the same. If a better alternative is available, why risk your time and hard-earned money over it. But, as we always say, the final call should be yours. So, please do let us know what is your opinion regarding ‘Is Legit?’ Let us know via comments.

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